Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Chapter of "The Hardest Hit" Now Available!

I've uploaded the first chapter of my Young Adult novel The Hardest Hit onto my website. It's here: http://frankscalise.com under BOOKS. There is a description of the novel and the first chapter available to read.

I'm currently seeking agent representation for The Hardest Hit, but I thought I'd share the beginning of the story anyway. It is my first foray into Young Adult fiction. Sam is a character I intend to write about a lot more over the coming years.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Galleys and Review Copies!

I received the galleys/review copies of All That Counts.

Seeing the book between two covers, even something as simple as a review copy, is pretty exciting. It means the release date is growing closer...and closer...

Right now, March 2010 is the scheduled release date for this novel. There's a possibility that it might be a little sooner, but we'll see.

Either way, it'll be just in time for the playoffs!

All That Counts will be released by Gray Dog Press.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Chapter of ALL THAT COUNTS Available

If you'd like to read the opening chapter of my forthcoming hockey novel All That Counts, it's right here: http://frankscalise.com/8573/10801.html

Many of the chapters in this novel are short, although this opening chapter is one of the shortest.

All That Counts will be released by Gray Dog Press in March 2010.

While you're there, peruse the rest of my website...and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hockey Short Story Accepted!

My short story, "Vancouver Dreams," will appear in the Winter edition of SpokeWrite.

SpokeWrite is a quarterly literary journal that features fiction, essays, articles, poetry and photographs from Spokane area artists with a local emphasis.

My story fits the bill because:

a) it is written by me, a local author

b) the main character (fictional) is a former EWU goaltender whose hometown is Vancouver, WA
c) the story takes place in Vancouver, BC (now we're getting a little further afield)

d) my hockey novel, All That Counts, is set in Spokane...and will be published by Gray Dog Press, who also publishes out SpokeWrite.

"Vancouver Dreams" is the story of an ex-college goaltender who gets the opportunity to try out for the pros when the NHL goes on strike. Look for "Vancouver Dreams" in January, but in the meantime pick up the Fall issue, which will be out October 1st! You should be able to find them at local bookstores -- Auntie's, Hastings, etc. -- or directly from the publisher at http://graydogpress.com/ .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saying Thanks is Fun

Last night, I wrote the Acknowledgments for All That Counts. (I also wrote the one of Heroes Often Fail, a Frank Zafiro novel, as well as brushing up the ones for Under a Raging Moon and Beneath a Weeping Sky, but that story belongs on a different blog...).

It felt good to be writing briefly about why and how this book came to be. I realized there were a lot of people to thank. It was nice to put that gratitude down in black and white.

It also felt good because of the finality of the whole thing. I mean, you don't write an acknowledgments page until the book is getting published. The realization that this book is going to see print in just about six months was pretty satisfying.

Damn satisfying, actually.

So when you pick up the book, please take the time to see who else helped make it happen. And if you're on that list, thanks again.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Welcome to All That Counts, the writing blog of Frank Scalise!

For my first post, let me announce that Gray Dog Press has accepted my novel, All That Counts.

All That Counts is a novel about life and a man's discovery about what is truly important in it.

Graham Wilson is a thirty-something recreational hockey player who decides to follow a long-held desire to become a goaltender. His transition is both comedic and inspiring as he seeks to challenge himself in the midst of a mundane life. Also on display is the curious paradox of the recreational game in American culture (i.e., it means everything, but it is only a game, but it is more than a game, but...). When his team's regular goalie leaves, Graham steps unsteadily into the crease, causing conflict on a team that is used to winning.

Graham's journey is a microcosm of life. Humor, inspiration, camaraderie, love and spite all make their appearances both on and off the ice as Graham struggles to learn what truly is "all that counts."

This book will be published in March 2010 by Gray Dog Press.