Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saying Thanks is Fun

Last night, I wrote the Acknowledgments for All That Counts. (I also wrote the one of Heroes Often Fail, a Frank Zafiro novel, as well as brushing up the ones for Under a Raging Moon and Beneath a Weeping Sky, but that story belongs on a different blog...).

It felt good to be writing briefly about why and how this book came to be. I realized there were a lot of people to thank. It was nice to put that gratitude down in black and white.

It also felt good because of the finality of the whole thing. I mean, you don't write an acknowledgments page until the book is getting published. The realization that this book is going to see print in just about six months was pretty satisfying.

Damn satisfying, actually.

So when you pick up the book, please take the time to see who else helped make it happen. And if you're on that list, thanks again.

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