Monday, September 16, 2013

A Few[s] Reviews

Here are a few reviews for All That Counts that have popped up on the 'net...

"I not only have no interest in hockey, I even disapprove of heavy-contact sports--but I couldn't put this book down. I was attracted by the title, and I am delighted to have read this book. The author sets some very human issues securely in some fun action scenes. Without giving away any parts of the plot, I'll just say that it is very well-written and touches on important points about life while effectively painting an absorbing picture of playing rec-league sports!"
Ann Baker, from a 5-star Amazon review

"I didn't start playing ice hockey until age 13, and finally hung up the dented skates at 40. The first coach put me in goal because I couldn't skate well enough to play anywhere else, but after all the years, bruises, stitches on the forehead and goals scored against, I still wouldn't play any other position. Are goalies crazy? You bet!

From the first quote on page one, Frank Scalise brought back all the memories--the ribald and profane locker room talk, the bruises to both body and ego, the struggle to find one's own "style," (Terry Sawchuk was my idol,) the tight focus on the next save, the agony of the sure knowledge that every loss is the goalie's fault--it's all there. There's also the thrill of a great save, the satisfying "thunk" of a hard shot caught on the pads, the smirk when you outsmart the shooter. Scalise tells it all. If you've never played the game, read this and you'll see why some of us, believe it or not, want to stand in the way of a projectile headed our way at 80 mph.

Oh, and the ending is something you won't forget for a long time!"
Gail P. Leatherwood, from a 5-star Amazon review
(a review in a goalie store forum)